About Moxie

Hi there! I’m Michelle and this is Rob my best friend and husband,

I am the voice behind Moxie for the Soul.

Let me start by saying Moxie is many things, it is guts, determination, strength, courage and all the things I think we need to acquire along the path to deal with life. That is why I chose the name Moxie for the Soul.

Here on my blog, you will find a blend of life stories, struggles, sunshine, humor, happiness, inspiration, courage, fears, experiences and maybe a little sarcasm once in a while. Hey if you can’t laugh at life then what’s the point.

Whether you have come here wanting to be moved, or hoping to find something that helps you make a shift in your life, I’m glad you are here. You will find honest from the heart sharing and days where difficult conversations are on the table because life just doesn’t deal us all the happy cards if you know what I mean.

If you have ever wished for a friend you can talk to who will listen and hear what you say, one who will be honest and gentle in responding, I have been that friend to many people throughout my life. I want to explore those stories with you and share things with you just as I would with my closest friends and children.

the road of life
We are all on the road of life, winging it, figuring it out as we go


There is no pat answer or solution

Life has no roadmap, there are no pat answers on to how to deal with things, no one size solution fits all. We are all trying to figure it out as we go along, even those of us who appear to have it all together. It is a constant learning experience and if we wish to grow we cannot just think happy thoughts without dealing with and overcoming what life throws at us.

Some days we just need the strength and courage to get back up again.

Life may knock you down, and some days it may feel like it got the best of you. When you can get back up and keep going, that right there is MOXIE! Courage, guts, strength, and determination equip us with the tools to get back up again and face another day and that is what we all want to do stand up and conquer the day.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

open road
Sometimes we cant tell where we are headed, we have to make a leap of faith.


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