Book Review Policy


I will be doing book reviews mainly for sharing information with my readers, and of course for my own personal growth.

If you have a book you would like to have reviewed on my blog, let’s talk.

My promise to my readers.

I promise to always disclose where an item for review came from and to always give my honest opinion, regardless of the source.

Information on my policy for book reviews.

I am an avid reader and I am glad to accept books for review and consideration that I feel will benefit my readers.

Accepting books submitted by Authors, publishers, and self-published books. If your content fits the interests of this blog, it will be considered for review.

The purpose of reviewing books on my blog is to be able to pass on to my followers’ books I think they will find useful or interesting for their own personal growth.

I will be fair and honest in my review.

This blog covers a variety of topics

Personal Growth and Self Help have a vast variety of subject matter. I can’t list them all, but generally, if it fits in the span of my blog I am interested.


  • Personal Growth
  • Self Help
  • Writing for personal growth
  • Journaling for personal growth
  • Any topic that fits in along this line of subject matter

If your book fits these themes I am interested. If you aren’t sure, message me to ask.

I review books I have purchased myself or borrowed from the library.

Some of my book reviews are books I purchased, books that were lent to me by a friend, or books I borrowed from the library. I promise an honest review so you can decide if its a book you wish to invest in.

Book format preferred is digital. I live on the road and space is a premium. I will accept paper copies of books, digital is the preferred format.

  • My eReader is a Kindle on my laptop, only send me Kindle-compatible files (.mobi).
  • I will review audiobooks.
  • I will review any courses on self-growth and self-help that compliment the subject matter.  See Media Review policy

If I accept your book for review, you will definitely see a review on my blog.  If I am not interested in your book I will let you know via email.


AWESOME! – I loved it and it’s going in my favorites list.

Very Good – Liked the book and would recommend it. Worth the purchase.

Good – good read, may not be for everyone,

Fair- Had some issues with the book, read it anyway, not highly recommended

Poor or DNF -Not a good book, do not recommend or DNF ( did not finish)

See Media review policy here