Media Review Policy

I am interested in various media for review.

There are many self-help and personal growth courses online and if you are interested in a review of your product or course then please contact me.

Media that covers many subjects for personal growth and self-help are considered.

There are many courses offered online and it can be hard for consumers to choose which ones fit their needs. We all have different needs and unique life issues. I am looking to review courses that can give my readers a better idea of what is out there so they can choose what fits their life and situations best.

We all want to improve ourselves and live a better life.

Offering a personal review will help my readers determine what may work for them. I believe the only way to truly recommend any level of investment is to personally have taken the class or read the book.

If I accept your item I will give it a fair and honest review.

My promise to my readers.

I promise to always disclose where an item for review came from and to always give my honest opinion, regardless of the source.

Media review Topics considered
  • personal growth
  • self-help
  • any topics that fit this wide range of subject matter

If your media fits my audience I would be happy to consider it for review. If you aren’t sure, message me to ask.

I also review media I have purchased myself.

Format preferred is digital.

I live on the road and space is a premium. Digital is the preferred format.

  • My eReader is a Kindle on my laptop, only send me Kindle-compatible files (.mobi).
  • courses accessible via online are preferred.

If I accept your item for review, you will definitely see a review on my blog.  If I am not interested in your book I will let you know via email.

See book review policy here