What you should know about moxie and why you need it

Happiness requires

courage, stamina, persistence, fortitude, perseverance, bravery, boldness, valor,

vigor, concentration, solidity, substance, backbone, grit, guts, moxie, nerve, pluck, resilience,

spunk, tenacity, tolerance, will power, chutzpah, and a good thesaurus.

-Peter McWilliams

1. Moxie is defined by

Moxie: nerve, determination, guts, resilience or all of the above. My goal is to have as many of these strengths as I can at any given time in life. You never know when you may find yourself thrust into a moment or situation where you need to call up your Moxie to get you through.

beautiful sunset

Courage is trying again tomorrow!

2.It may require some moxie to share your story

Depending on your personal life experiences and what you were taught you may think that sharing your stories, or needing someone to talk to, is perceived as being weak.

I think that it is just the opposite. It takes great courage to experience something painful and be able to share your story.

Telling your story to others or the world can seem quite scary and it very well can be just that. Many of us are often judged by our stories, mistakes and painful experiences and this can be a deterrent to sharing at all.

Not knowing how the other person will view our story can shut us down cold.

Carefully choosing who you share with may make it easier to open up. Some people may not understand your pain, or may even be afraid of it because it too closely resembles their own personal painful experience.

We all have our own place and time for overcoming. We can not push this on anyone, nor can it be pushed on us.

Moxie (guts, resilience) will help us through. Trust your story, share your story and use the power of your story to build your strength and help others build theirs.

3. Personal growth may be the small things

Anytime we learn from life experiences we add a notch more personal growth to our belts. This growth does not have to come as some huge life accomplishment. It may be just the small things we overcome that help us to grow the most.

Making one small step towards a stronger better us and building on that every day.

Life is made up of a million little things, so is personal growth and moxie. Growth can be disguised as determination, acceptance, gratitude, or something as simple as overcoming something we have been struggling with for quite some time.

It’s the “aha” moment when we realize we are no longer fighting that battle with ourselves. Or maybe even the moment we know “we did it”. Whatever that “did it” moment is for you, that there is personal growth.

Sometimes the thing we need to change is our point of view.

4. Milestones

I used to tell my kids you collect enough aha, I did it moments and you have accomplished a milestone in life.

What exactly is that? The moment where all those little “I get its” pile together to create a milestone of personal growth.

It takes time to achieve personal growth on any level. To learn from life’s lessons, to change our attitudes and mindset about what works and what doesn’t.

Learning what and who we are and finding a place in the world to be ourselves. Creating new habits and thoughts about ourselves and moving forward continually adding little pieces of growth a step at a time.

Life constantly changes and so it molds and changes us, we are never done learning and growing. We simply move on to new lessons.

Prior experience and the muscles we are acquiring will help us through the next set of learning experiences, hopefully with a bit more strength, determination, and resilience. That is our moxie!

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