What this blog is

Disclosure, please read.

This blog and any written content on this blog is the personal experience, knowledge, and opinion of the author. I am not a doctor or registered therapist. It is not intended to use these opinions in place of your own.

I am just a lover of life and the human spirit. I believeĀ in Moxie and the human soul.

We all share the same struggles and dreams in life. These are merely my thoughts on life, things I think about, would talk about with a friend, share with my children and family.

You may find me talking with anyone who needs an ear, who needs someone to listen and know their struggle. To connect with them and be present in that conversation.

You will find talk about hope, inspiration, determination, digging deep and owning where we are in life so that we can achieve the personal growth to become a better version of ourselves.

Anything written on this blog is the opinion of the author and is not intended to be taken to heart over that of your Doctor or therapist. Please consult a Professional if a situation in your life requires expert help.

The information you will find here is here to offer support, to bond with others who share similar stories, and to give you possibly another point of view. Take what you need, think about things and make your own choices based on your actual life experience.

We are all different and while we may share many similar struggles, each set of circumstances is unique. You must make choices that work for your unique life situation.

If you are in any kind of dangerous situation, I encourage you to seek both professional and legal help.